8 Ways to Improve Facebook Ads with no Big Budget: 2023

Are you fed up with basic advice on Facebook ad optimization?

You will find a lot of articles suggesting numerous tips, and most of them only talking about a Facebook pixel. But there’s a lot more to optimize your ads on Facebook.

Want to know growth hacking tips on how to improve Facebook ads?

In this post, we have listed the top 8 converting ways that won’t waste your money on running Facebook ads.

This article is all about increasing your sales without increasing your budget and becoming a pioneer that differentiates your campaigns from other Facebook ad campaigns.

Outperform your competitors before their campaigns perform better than yours. But to many of you, this might sound a bit tough, and why shouldn’t it be?

This is why we have contemplated and listed out some pro tips to save your time and make it worth useful.

Read it and give it a try!

8 ways to Improve Facebook Ads (Updated 2023)

Improve Facebook Ads

Likes & Shares Facebook Optimization

The more likes, the more interested users are in your goods promoted using Facebook ads

Facebook Optimization

It is a strong proof that people like your product, and that is why they even share it with others, which ultimately results in more likes and shares.

You can set up a Facebook campaign using two options, which are “create new ads” or “use an existing post.”

People tend to avoid the use of existing post option, not recognizing its efficiency in optimizing ads likes and shares. Using this option, you can get all your post engagements under a single ad.

Many ad campaigns use this strategy to grab maximum likes and shares.

Utilize Fast Take Off Method

If your campaign is taking a long time to take off, you need to look for another strategy that helps you start optimizing your campaign faster.

One method to faster the optimization process is by using the FTO trick.

Fast Take Off Method

Let’s see how it works.

Assign daily budgets when starting a new campaign that exceeds your planned budget. 

Once your ads acquire 10K+ impressions, you can identify what’s working for you and which areas need improvement. 

You can later edit your budget and make it lower, so it doesn’t exceed your planned budget. 

Facebook takes approximately 24 hours to make any changes, so be patient for the changes to take place.

Schedule your Facebook Ads

Do you think running your Facebook ads round the clock and reaching your audience anytime will bring more conversions?

Schedule your Facebook Ads

This is not at all a good practice and needs to be changed.

You need to optimize your ad schedule and run your ads at a specific time and on specific days. By doing so, you will realize what the best time to reach your audience is.

If you want high conversions at lower CPA rates, then you need to optimize your ad schedule, and this could be done by breaking down your campaigns into days.

By identifying the time that has the highest potential of prospects, you can schedule your campaigns by choosing the option “Run ads on a schedule.”

By running your campaigns on specific days and hours, you can keep your audience engaged with your ads and bring more conversions.

Ad frequency optimization

The number of times your ad is displayed to your audience has a big impact on click-through rate and cost per conversion. Most of the time, people get bored looking at the same ad again and again.

So how to ensure people don’t get bored with your ads?

Few tips to minimize ad fatigue are:

  • Change your ad designs and give them a fresh look. Change image keeping the meaning of the ad the same, so you can convey the same message in a different way.
  • While setting up a campaign, create ad sets, and schedule them on different days, so each ad is displayed on a particular day and keeps rotating in the next week.
  • This way, your audience won’t get bored as your ads won’t seem to be repetitive.

Ad placement optimization

Do you know how ad placement plays a significant role in conversions and your advertising costs?

Ad placement optimization

Ad placement has a huge impact on CPC, and therefore you should discover your top-performing ad placements and accordingly optimize your campaigns.

To edit ad placements, go Facebook Ads Manager, and under breakdown, menu clicks on Placement.

You can now see all your campaigns, so after identifying the top-performing ads, increase the bid on these ads. The ads that do not perform well can be removed from the campaign list.

A/B Test your Facebook Ads

How great would it be to know what performs better?

Yes, this is possible by A/B testing your ads, but not everything. A/B test should be performed for testing new ad designs.

By performing the A/B test, your click-through rate and conversion rate will be highly affected, and you will be surprised by the results.

You should A/B test your ad designs, ad placements, call-to-action-buttons, special offers giving discounts on unique products, etc.

Choosing the right marketing objective

The very first and key element to optimize Facebook ads is by choosing the right campaign objective.

Right marketing objective

It is the first thing that you are asked for while creating a new campaign, and when choosing the objective, Facebook knows what you are up to and will optimize your ad delivery for best results with its internal algorithms.

Facebook will auto-optimize your ad campaign based on the objective you choose. But choosing the right campaign could be daunting. So always choose the objective that syncs with your advertising goals.

For example, you have developed a new app and want people to install it, and then you should select App installs, or let’s say you want to sell products then select product catalog sales.

Take benefit of Auto-optimization rules

Do you know Facebook has free automatic optimization rules that could be used by anyone running Facebook ad campaigns?

Auto-optimization rules

There could be 4 outcomes of auto-optimization: Managing manual bid and budget by increasing or decreasing it, sending a notification to the manager, and lastly, turning off your ads.

So by auto-optimizing your Facebook ads, you can focus on the priorities and indulge yourself in more focus areas.

🌟 Facebook Ads FAQ

What is Facebook paid advertising?

Facebook paid advertising help advertisers to gather data and work with it. The various business created FB ads, which are paid messages that reach the people who matter most to them.

How do Facebook Ads works?

Facebook ads are created to target users, which are based on location, demographic, and profile information. All these options are only available on Facebook. You need to set a budget after creating a Facebook Ads.

Do Facebook ads work?

Yes, it works incredibly as various people are using Facebook for commercial purposes.

Can I earn money from Facebook ads?

As we all know, Facebook Ad is an indirect medium of earning money. Therefore you need first to invest a small amount in the Ad campaign, and then you will start earning out of it.

Final Verdict:

So you see, Facebook has so many options that could be utilized very well to increase your conversions and click-through rates.

Some of these tips might look familiar to others, but these are the best ones that will give you maximum results. 😊

If you know any other hacks, then do share it in your comments.

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