Sellvia Review 2022: Ultimate Dropshipping Supplier in USA

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Are you a dropshipper?

Are you happy with your dropshipping experience?

Do you want a system/environment which can deliver better results?

And if you are a newcomer to this, then you might be looking for a good supplier to boost your sales and help you sustain your online store.

The new era of online stores has created a huge opportunity for passive income through dropshipping. People have slow starting to incline towards this, as dropshipping provides the luxury of earning passively with no liability for the dropshipper.

Dropshipping is a great way of making money online, but it can be very difficult for beginners to get started with this business model.

As there is the various and infinite option of dropshipping suppliers and choosing the best for your needs might be a herculean task.

But our excellent research and review team is here to help you make that decision. We have gone through multiple dropshipping suppliers; we have done extensive research on them and accordingly formulated our opinions and suggestions.

That brings us to the part where we enlighten you…..dear readers, about Sellvia.

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Detailed Sellvia Review

Sellvia Review

Sellvia has been explicitly designed to make the dropshipping process as easy and painless as possible.
The first thing we noticed about Sellvia was its ease of use. They have a very user-friendly interface that makes it easy for beginners and experts alike.

It is also one of the few platforms where you can create an account with just 1 click, which saves time. You don’t need any prior experience before using this platform as they provide all the necessary training videos on how to start selling online.

The company was started by an elite group of developers and entrepreneurs. This is self-explanatory that why Sellvia makes the dropshipping experience hassle-free and seamless. The products offered by Sellvia are the very best of what is currently trending.

The most promising aspect of Sellvia as your dropshipping supplier is that they have their fulfillment center in Southern California. This exponentially reduces the delivery time.

The team at Sellvia delivers on the promises of their system because they have already been running online stores. They know the issues that newcomers face. And also certain ways to help you sustain the store for the foreseeable future.

They bring in with them years of experience in dropshipping. Hence they have created this platform to optimize the dropshipping functionality and help you succeed in your venture.

The most important thing that sets Sellvia apart from the other similar service providers is that they have a fulfillment center in place. This means a reduction in delivery, as mentioned before, but also the elimination of order aggregation.

Most dropshipping suppliers follow this method of order aggregation to deliver products. This makes up for a huge inconvenience for the customer. As, sometimes products run out of stock, which is a huge turnoff for the customers.

At Sellvia, once the order is placed, it is directly shipped out to the customer from the fulfillment center. They do not reorder it to any third party; generally, this is what other dropshipping suppliers do.

Sellvia takes complete responsibility for the product that is being ordered to be packed, shipped, and delivered to the customer.

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Sellvia Review

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How to Use Sellvia?

The simple user interface and system make it easy to navigate through it. The user can set up the store and start selling instantly. The ease of access offered by Sellvia is unparalleled.

Sellvia Review

Hence, this makes it a favorable choice over other service providers. Here is a simple representation of the process Sellvia works and helps you to start selling the products and build upon your passive income.

  • Complete the subscription procedure to be able to login into the portal.
  • Plugin Sellvia onto your online store seamlessly.
  • Import the bestsellers/products of your choice to your online store.
  • Get instant access to catalogs, bundled products.
  • Exclusive ready-to-use marketing campaigns for the products.
  • Sales improving pages and layouts are available to you from the get-go.
  • Through automation, orders placed are redirected to Sellvia for packaging and shipping.
  • Lightning-fast doorstep delivery to your customer within 1-3 days.

To maintain the customer’s trust and value for the company, fast delivery plays a vital part. The most influential factor in refunds is the delay in delivery time.

How To Use Sellvia?

The online stores are supposed to be good at delivering the product in a realistic delivery timeline. But due to practices such as order aggregation etc., the delivery is delayed.

This is not acceptable to the customers. This results in online stores losing their customers.

This is completely due to the negligence of the business model of the dropshipping supplier. Hence, choosing a reliable and consistent dropshipping supplier is vital to sustaining the online store.

Key Features of Sellvia | Sellvia Review

1. Personal manager

The manager dedicated to you shall guide you through the complete process of forming your online store. Every query and doubt shall be clarified. In case of a technical issue, the manager will look into it and get the job done.

Sellvia Personal manager

2. Design

Once the store starts to shape up, our designers will create exclusive style and look for your store. The design includes logos, images, marketing banners, etc.

Sellvia product design

3. SEO and variable screen size friendly

The team ferociously works to make your online store rank better on search engines. The team optimizes the data and content on your online store at Sellvia to get the best results and niche audience for your store.

Also, with the continuous technical upgrade at Sellvia, the user interface works seamlessly on any device of variable screen size.

4. Bestsellers

The products that are cataloged and stored by Sellvia are best-selling and trending products. Hence, you get the best products to sell through your online store. And as the products are already trending, you can see the upstream in your earnings.

Sellvia Bestsellers

5. Customer support

Once you subscribe to the Sellvia services, you become an integral part of the family.

You get access to technical support for a lifetime. This includes free technical upgrades and software upgrades.

6. Complete ownership

The store built by our team for you is completely owned by you. We are here to guide and help you. As the online store owner, you are free to do whatever you want with the site. Even you can sell your site if you like.

7. Optimal research

The team at Sellvia provides you with advice based upon extensive research to make sure the decision you make is well informed. The products that they curate for your store are an extension of your ideas. Hence, a niche is created for your store and your customer as well.

8. No work needed at your end

Sellvia team gathers your ideas and works exhaustively to build you the perfect online store with all the customizations you ordered.

All you need to do is subscribe to the portal, converse with your dedicated manager, share your ideas, and chill….. You will receive updates regarding the progress, and your online store shall be ready to launch within a few days.

Advantages of Sellvia

The most influential factors which we felt made Sellvia stand out from the rest of the similar service providers are enlisted below:

  • Trending product curation

Sellvia catalogs niche items that are trending and have incredible profit potentials. You get access to the researched and carefully curated products that are in high demand and of value. The products are aimed to be enticing for the customer.

  • Powerful conversion support

With their unique layout and style, the Sellvia product pages are extremely enticing to the customer and dropship proactive.

They are ready for promotional use. The plug-in comes with a unique shipping badge that infers the delivery timeline. Sellvia calculates the delivery time automatically and shows it to your online store visitor. This entices the customer to take action and purchase the products available.

  • Loyalty building

Sellvia offers a high-quality product at a very competitive rate and incredibly fast delivery. Hence, the customers are satisfied with the product and the time it reaches them.

This makes them come back and purchase/shop for other products from your store. This way, a great customer and seller bond are formed.

  • Packaging

The packaging and shipping part of Sellvia is impeccable with best-in-class packaging. Sellvia guarantees products free of identifiers as the brand formation is the key to a sustainable dropshipping business.

Through the stated process, the customer knows that your store is the only point of contact for the products they want to buy.

  • Refunds

If the customer is not satisfied with the experience of shopping, then Sellvia takes the product back and refunds the money for it. This makes the customer know and believe that they are buying from a reliable source.

  • Product Pricing

The products offered by Sellvia are very reasonably and competitively priced. Even with the inclusion of shipping charges, the product is easily affordable. This makes the shopping experience much more enticing and awesome!!!!!!!!

  • Never Get Banned

There are cases when online stores are being banned from operating. This might happen due to specific reasons: Payment partners keep an eye on the refund rates and prefer it to be under 1%.

If it rises above 1% at any instance, the payment partners are known to restrict further transactions, and access to the account might be suspended too.

Another instance can be a social media ban when certain customers leave a negative comment in social media surveys. This might initiate the social media portal to ban your promotional and marketing campaigns running on their site.

Sellvia optimizes your store, delivery, shipping, and content display to comply with very guidelines. The fulfillment center assures the delivery of the product in time and is intact till it reaches the customer.

Sellvia Pricing Plans

Sellvia Pricing

Sellvia offers 2 plans:

Yearly plan A: $399/yr after a 7-day free trial ($39/month)

The plan includes:

  • 1-3 days US shipping & returns
  • Uncapped product imports
  • No limit on orders from Sellvia
  • Exponential conversion product pages
  • Promotional materials for all product

Custom Store Ultimate Package: $899/yr after a 7-day free trial

The plan includes:

  • Ready to launch a custom store
  • Dedicated manager support
  • Lightning-fast delivery and returns
  • Shipping through California fulfillment center
  • Domain name
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • 200 ready to sell products
  • Unlimited monthly orders
  • Software upgrades
  • Payment gateway plugins
  • SEO and marketing campaigns
  • Facebook and Instagram promotional materials
  • Promo tools

🌟 Sellvia FAQ

🙄What is Sellvia?

Sellvia is an eCommerce solution that enables entrepreneurs to sell products and have orders shipped across the United States in as little as 1-3 business days!

🔎Is Sellvia compatible with Shopify?

Sellvia does not yet have a Shopify integration, but they are working on it.

💻Is the AliDropship plugin required to run Sellvia?

If you run your store with WooCommerce, this is not required. If you do not use WooCommerce, the AliDropship original plugin is required to activate Sellvia.

💲Can I sell Sellvia products worldwide?

Sellvia only ships products within the United States.

🙄How can I cancel my Sellvia subscription?

If you decide to cancel your Sellvia subscription, please contact at [email protected] or via chat on

Conclusion: Sellvia Review 2022 | Should you go for it?

Sellvia is the best choice to start your dropshipping business. And if you are looking to change and opt for another supplier from the one you are currently using, we suggest going for Sellvia.

The team is doing it right to make your dropshipping experience exciting. The company ensures the quality and integrity of the product. Sellvia catalogs the best products for your store.

The best part about Sellvia? Their support teams are always there when you need them!

If you ever get stuck or confused in anything related to dropshipping, simply contact them via live chat or email, and within minutes, you will receive help from someone who understands what you want to know.

Their customer service has been amazing so far, and I am sure it will only improve over time.

Still, if you are not assured about Sellvia… let me just give you a ten-point check:

  • All items are in physical stock in the Sellvia fulfillment center and are shipped within 24 hours.
  • Your customers get their tracking number(s) immediately after their order is shipped.
  • Sellvia provides a high-quality description for every product – just import it to your store.
  • The whole shipping process is easily tracked to the customer's doorstep.
  • Attractive product bundles motivate your shoppers to buy MORE items at a time.
  • Sellvia creates money-making, ready-to-go marketing campaigns for every product.
  • All your orders are processed automatically, regardless of their quantity.
  • Every 7 days, you find the week’s top-selling products right in your dashboard.
  • Their catchy, customized Fast Shipping badges increase your profits by up to 45%
  • Sellvia provides ready Catalog presets to let you build your product offer in just a few clicks.

I hope this Sellvia review has helped you, and you would make a wise decision and choose Sellvia as your dropshipping supplier.

Take care!!

Till we meet next time.😊

9.3Expert Score
Sellvia Review

Sellvia is an e-commerce platform that helps businesses of all sizes create, manage, and grow their online stores. Try it now!!

User Friendly
  • 1-3 business days shipping across the US with 24 hours order processing time
  • Free access to trending products catalog
  • Product prices are lower than on other popular marketplaces
  • One-click import from the catalog
  • Automated order placement
  • Access 10 stores with Sellvia subscription
  • Free 30-day trial available
  • Sellvia only sends products to customers in the U.S.
  • The amount of items to choose from is limited.


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