ViceTemple Review 2021: No. 1 Adult Website Hosting Provider

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Adult websites have continued drawing an impressive number of users since 2015, related to previous years. Moreover, this increase is continuing rapidly, so many people consider starting a website in the adult industry.

And to begin one of these sites, you'll require a powerful hosting package that incorporates all of the points you require. It may obtain quick loading, HD videos/images, high approachability, or also fast uploading. The good news is that ViceTemple owns everything you require.

Read this detailed ✅ViceTemple Review that helps you to start with this adult web hosting service. Also, check out our active ViceTemple coupon codes that help you to save maximum money on your desired plans.

One of the most widespread and fastest developing industries is the adult industry. Every industry phase is booming: porn sites, webcam chat sites, sex toy stores, and escort agencies. Porn sites are the most widespread, with assessments showing that $3,075.64 is funded in porn-related material and buying each second online.

Beginning your online company in very fast-paced and ever-changing conditions is no manageable task. Since most popular website hosting services don't concede adult material and pornographic content to get entertained throughout their servers, you'll require a different type of host that won't restrict your material.

Adult website receiving services can also present you with more anonymity, acceleration, storage, bandwidth, and better hardware than conventional web hosts. Besides, they must own all of this and more at a reasonable cost.

So, let's see what this adult web hosting has to offer in this ViceTemple review!!

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Detailed ViceTemple Review

ViceTemple Review

ViceTemple is specialized in hosting adult websites. The company was founded in 2016 by individuals with eight years of experience in the hosting industry. A team of 12 and a privately-owned data center in Amsterdam serves over 200 adult websites and applications. It also provides adult website development services. Its website is available in English only.

ViceTemple is a hosting company that practices adult content of all kinds. Even though they are a young company, they had undergone consistent growth since their beginning in 2016.

They own everything from shared hosting to dedicated hosting, with a wide variety of features and costs. Their catchy-named web hosting assistance comes with SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth, making them capable of controlling even the most imperious video playback.

If your requirements are more than what web hosting can support, their VPS plans, which appear with SSD storage, high bandwidth, and unmetered traffic, can more than satisfy your expectations.

Moreover, each VPS system begins with additional storage opportunities, enabling you to save data on high-quality SAS active drives. Ultimately, their dedicated servers can require complaisance for specific users, as they are all mid-range resolutions that vary basically in storage type, RAM capacity, and space.

ViceTemple Reviews

Apart from that, they all have the tried-and-true Xeon E3 CPUs and high bandwidth and unmetered traffic.

ViceTemple specializes in adult websites. People with eight years of expertise in the hosting industry established the company in 2016. It assists over 200 adult websites and applications with a 12-person team and a personally run data center in Amsterdam.

It also gives services for the growth of adult websites. It simply has an English language website. The team presents hosting as well as phenomenal themes and characters.

Consequently, even though you see new ways to enhance your website, the organization is available to aid you.

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What can you do with ViceTemple?

You must understand what you hold and what you will require to make the most maximum before launching your naughty sites on the internet. So, let's take a peek at whatever ViceTemple has to give in terms of assistance and goods.

Adult Web Hosting Provider

#1. Web Hosting

ViceTemple gives web hosting services for your site. You'll notice a cPanel that is extremely easy-to-use, a kind of option for dedicated IP, plenty of data storage, as well as endless traffic.

Web hosting assistance offered by ViceTemple is possibly the company's most important service. So, sign up for their hosting web service, and you'll be able to continue online to become whatever you may.

#2. Adult VPS

ViceTemple provides virtual private servers (VPS) to handle your unlawful actions on the internet. In terms of traits, you'll get a robust network, guaranteed bandwidth of 100 Mbps, endless traffic, and a lot stronger.

In addition, if you need more extra scope, you can pick within SSD VPS and Storage VPS.

#3. Adult servers

ViceTemple grants you reach to a dedicated server that draws in endless traffic, a wide bandwidth range, and a complete root introduction.

Their dedicated adult servers are provided with cutting-edge processors, providing the corporation to provide a large volume of traffic at all intervals.

#4. Domain services

A domain title is required for any website. Consequently, ViceTemple contributes a broad type of domain names and extensions to aid you in finding the perfect domain name. You can register a domain name you want, be it is .com,.porn,.xxx, or some other extension.

#5. Clone scripts

A clone script permits you to design a website with identical features and form as a well-known website. As a consequence, ViceTemple presents you with clone files.

  • HubX: Pornhub Clone Script
  • VideoX: Xvideos Clone Script
  • RedX: Redtube Clone Script
  • HamsterX: Xhamster Clone Script

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Key Features of ViceTemple

To commence a website, a person sees unique articles to help the website achieve its goal. ViceTemple, too, has a lot to share regarding acquiring begun with an adult website. So, let's see what we can develop up with.

🏅 Supports All Adult Content

The adult and porn industry comprises a wide variety of outcomes. Photos, fantasy stories (Literotica), Pornographic videos, adult jokes, and dark fetish elements are instances of what you will discover in this niche.

ViceTemple Coupon

ViceTemple provides you the independence to place whatever you require to have on your website. Moreover, they manage all content fairly and have correspondingly superior customer service.

🚀 Handle Big Traffic

An adult website very constantly collects a tremendous number of traffic. As an outcome, ViceTemple supports you in trading with extensive collections of personalities.

Besides, it is created to manage large quantities of traffic crossed various fields. All this is done externally, jeopardizing the website's bandwidth or rate.

💻 FTP Access

With your IP, ViceTemple implements FTP access. This is to assist you in linking to FTP and edit your files outwardly, ViceTemple hindering.

🌌 Work With Analytics & Statistics.

ViceTemple's staff observes the website's sources employing built-in utilization statistics provisions. This aids them in determining whether the website should be upgraded or downgraded. In addition, it is guaranteeing the website's maturity.

📞 Excellent Support

ViceTemple's staff operates throughout the clock to enhance user involvement. Consequently, you can attain out to technical support by email, live chat, or the ticket policy if you hold a question or need help.

🔎 Ignores Copyright Issues

In the adult industry, material privateering is a comprehensive and unstoppable phenomenon—any content on the internet studies at a breakneck speed that can't be suspended.

ViceTemple, as a consequence, ignores the thought of duplication as well as copyright rights.

🎯 1-Click Functions

If you understand that recognizing how to code is needed to begin a website, you are misunderstood since ViceTemple practices a one-click theme and plugin establishment. You can also utilize this characteristic to minimize or improve any purpose.

💹 All-Time Monitoring of Servers

ViceTemple holds a continuous watch on your server. This server informant is ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to support users in administering their websites up and working. So, whether you're offline or online, your complete website and actions will still be possible.

Database monitoring is one of the crucial components of circumscribing how big the webserver sway be making. You can utilize a tool that observes all the servers, even though they own their server monitoring possible on their foundation.

💸 Money-Back Guarantee

ViceTemple allows a 45-day money-back guarantee, which is one of the standard vital features of the company. So, if you try ViceTemple and are dissatisfied with it, you may ask you to refund. Besides, any interrogation or comment could appear in them recovering your funds.

ViceTemple Discount

💥 Enjoy Full Privacy

It is essential to ensure the highest level of your adult website's privacy. Consequently, buying hosting from ViceTemple will supply you with comprehensive administration over your website's secrecy. You would also own complete information probity.

The team won't reach the content you store on the server until you modify the password on your board. These incredible characteristics can secure your life much more honest, and ViceTemple is an excellent place to launch your adult site.

ViceTemple offers web hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), dedicated servers, and domain services (including adult domains like .xxx). Here are some of the features of its shared hosting:

Before we go in-depth into its features, you should know that you can't just use any web host for adult content. Many web hosting companies have it in their terms and conditions that adult content is not allowed, and they will shut your website down.

Plus, adult websites tend to be more heavily trafficked and use more server resources than the other “regular business” websites on the same server. As such, it's better to go for a provider that offers only adult hosting so that you're clear on what it accepts and what not from the start.

Furthermore, you need data privacy when you are in this niche, and ViceTemple promises complete data privacy whether you're on a shared, VPS, or dedicated server. No one – not even its staff – will have access to or share your data with third parties. Also, the company monitors its servers 24/7 to ensure that it stays online and protected from intruders.

ViceTemple Promo Code

Now, to the website building features. If you don't want to take advantage of its web development help, you can custom code your website and upload your files through FTP or cPanel file manager. Also, you can use a CMS as it provides a one-click installer as well.

For the adult industry, growth can happen fast, and as such, you need to be able to upgrade when you need to quickly. With ViceTemple, there's a one-click upgrading feature. Plus, you can tell when your website needs to be moved to a better server using statistics.

If your website can't stay in shared servers, you can move to VPS or a dedicated server. There are many perks to this, including choosing your preferred operating system, full root access, and the ability to add more custom security features.

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ViceTemple Pricing Plans

ViceTemple offers pretty low prices for the hosting provided, which isn't only for the shared hosting. The VPS plans are low-cost for the features available, which include RAID 10. The dedicated server plans are reasonably priced.

ViceTemple Pricing Plans

The company offers one-month hosting on all of its hosting/server services. However, if you're willing to go for a longer duration, like 36 months on shared hosting, you'll get a 50% discount. VPS and dedicated servers are available for 24 months on the most extended subscription, and for that, you get a 25% discount.

You can pay with PayPal, credit card, Bitcoin, or Altcoins. If you do not want the assistance or are dissatisfied, you can demand a refund within 45 days of buying. Unlike various other providers, this guarantee refers to VPS and dedicated servers correctly.

You'll get a payment through PayPal not withstanding of whichever you paid with or through. After 45 days, you can't get any refund again, be it full, partial, or prorated.

ViceTemple Customer Support

Customer assistance is ready 24/7 through live chat and ticket. We tried the live chat, but after ten minutes of waiting, we had to submit a ticket because we didn't get connected to an agent. However, my ticket was replied to fast.

ViceTemple Customer Support

When it attains to hosting opportunities, excellent customer assistance is vital. Vicetemple gives round-the-clock service for all of its plans, guaranteeing that any technical problems are fixed as promptly as feasible. A spokesperson can be communicated via email, ticket, or live chat.

ViceTemple presents you with the alternative of communicating with their outstanding support team if you ever require help or have any inquiries. They'll respond to any queries you have, clear up any misinterpretations, and support you in getting sprung into the adult industry.

They are available and quick responses 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be communicated via email, live chat, or a ticket. On your Cpanel, you have a way to all of the confident choices. You cannot, however, contact them by phone.

Pros & Cons

The most significant part about ViceTemple is that it is effortless to establish and host your grown-up website here. Also, if the aforementioned is your first time setting up an adult website, you will not encounter complications.

That being said, ViceTemple still has its fair part of pros and cons that one should be informed of. Though there are simply fewer downsides we could denote out, there are still cons that you should understand regarding.

So, what are the profits and downsides of working ViceTemple for hosting an adult site?

  • Offshore data hub.
  • Classification of various payment methods.
  • 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • Competing and affordable pricing for all assistance.
  • Excellent customer service available 24/7.
  • Unlimited business for each hosting plan.
  • One-click CMS investment for all plans.
  • Great collection of adult and regular domain names and expansions.
  • Free SSL certificate with each hosting plan.
  • Automatic reserves backups.
  • Full data secrecy
  • One-click upgrading peculiarity
  • One-click purpose installer
  • Money-back guarantee on assigned, VPS, and dedicated server.
  • No available trial
  • While the pricing is competing, there are more economical hosting choices out there.
  • Only molds with clients from the adult capital.

🌟 ViceTemple FAQ

👉 What is ViceTemple?

ViceTemple is an adult web hosting company that supports all kinds of adult content since 2016. They offer various hosting, from shared to dedicated hosting with attractive features.

👉 Does ViceTemple offer domains name?

Yes, You can easily select your desired domain name as they offer a wide range of domain extensions. With ViceTemple, you can easily register your domain name such as .porn, .xxx, .com, etc.

👉 What type of services does ViceTemple offer?

ViceTemple provides different services, including domains, adult web hosting, scripts, website themes, and many more.

👉 Are there any working ViceTemple coupons and discounts?

If you are looking for the exclusive ViceTemple discount coupon to start with this best adult hosting provider, check the above-mentioned ViceTemple coupon codes that help you to enjoy a flat 25% discount.

Conclusion: ViceTemple Review 2021 | Should you buy this adult web hosting?

There are tens of thousands of various website hosting assistance ready. ViceTemple, on the other hand, is committed to hosting only grown-up websites. It was established in 2016 to provide all of the clarifications to the requirements of every adult company.

ViceTemple is a one-of-a-kind hosting company that provisions entirely to the adult market. The company gives a wide variety of low-cost hosting choices while also presenting outstanding customer support and cutting-edge technology.

However, the shortage of a free trial can be a disadvantage for some, the 45-day money-back guarantee assists as a decent replacement. Because of its branding, objective market, and overall idea, we understand ViceTemple is a whiff of fresh air in the very passive hosting entrepreneurs.

ViceTemple could be the best website host for you if you desire to host adult content. It involves everything from shared hosting to dedicated servers, so as your traffic grows, you'll have more different choices. It hosts websites without adult content as long as they don't feature anything on its banned list.

Happy Monetizing🤞🤞

8.9Expert Score
ViceTemple Review

ViceTemple is a great hosting company for adult content. It offers affordable hosting plans that one can start with it quickly. Activate the ViceTemple coupon to enjoy the attractive discount.

Uptime Guarantee
  • The platform is superior for all types of adult content.
  • Offer 45 days money-back guarantee.
  • Excellent customer supports.
  • Affordable pricing plans.
  • Complete data privacy.
  • It does not offer a free trial.
  • It only supports the adult industry.
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