ViceTemple Review 2022: No. 1 Adult Website Hosting Provider

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Hello people! As you all might already know, the adult industry is one of the most profitable industries in the internet world. Be it their sex toys, porn sites, dating sites, or webcam chat sites. Every aspect is booming💥💥

Today, we bring you ✅ViceTemple Review, which is an adult web hosting platform. ViceTemple is not only one of them but also one of the fastest-growing networks worldwide.

In today's tough competition, commencing your online business and succeeding is a challenge for most people. If you consider hosting an adult website, we must tell you that not every hosting platform offers this service.

Even if they do, there are certain restrictions and limitations attached to it. With your online business going, there is always so much on your plate. You do not want to stick in with regulations.

To ease your business, ViceTemple offers excellent features and benefits which keep you away from the hay. But do they provide what they commit? Or are they just a tad?

Well, we will see about that in our exclusive ViceTemple review. Keep reading the article till the end to know everything about this excellent hosting network.

But first, we will start with the basics for all the beginners over here.

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What is Web Hosting?

ViceTemple Review

When a web hosting provider allocates some space on their web server for some websites, it is known as web hosting. Web hosting makes the website's services available for the viewers.

Whether we are talking about code, images, or anything related to the website, they are stored in cloud space from their web hosting platform.

Whichever websites you visited this date are managed by their specific web hosting provider. But, what does this mean in simple words?

In a nutshell, web hosting is the process of renting or buying space to make it viewable on the worldwide web. All the website content such as HTML, CSS, or any other images should be housed in a server.

In only that way it becomes available for the ordinary people like to us to see. What is a server in this process? A server is a computer that connects your services with all the users worldwide.

As the name suggests, the web hosting provider comprises all the servers, connectivity, and associated services to host websites.

They incorporate hosting needs by offering many hosting plans, from small blogs to large organizations.

But what makes ViceTemple accountable for our business needs? Well, we will see about that in a bit of overview of the platform.


Detailed ViceTemple Review

ViceTemple Reviews

As we already mentioned earlier, ViceTemple is a hosting company that provides adult web hosting of all kinds.

ViceTemple was discovered in 2016, and over time, it became the most powerful adult hosting platform worldwide. They offer everything from shared web hosting to dedicated website hosting.

All the attractive hosting packages offered by them consist of SSD storage and unrestricted bandwidth, making them perfectly capable of managing even the most arduous video playback.

If your requirements are more than a standard web hosting platform can deliver, the VPS plans offered by ViceTemple consist of SSD storage, high bandwidth, and unmetered traffic. And that live up to your expectations.

Additionally, all their VPS plans come with high storage options, allowing you to store data on high-quality SAS hard drives. However, their dedicated servers can lack flexibility for specific users, as ViceTemple offers mid-range solutions that differ primarily in RAM capacity, storage type, and space.

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ViceTemple specializes in adult web hosting services. The founders almost had 8 years of experience in hosting web services when they formed the company in 2016.

It works over 200 websites with a close-knit 12 person team in the organization, which they handle from Amsterdam.

ViceTemple's official website is in the English language. The team offers hosting as well as excellent themes or scrips for your websites. Even after this, if you feel to customize your website, the team will always assist you.

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Key Features of ViceTemple

ViceTemple provides web hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), dedicated servers, and domain services (also adult domains like .xxx).

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Some of the salient features that they offer are:

  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Automatic backups
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Between 15GB to 180GB storage
  • Between 10 to total add-on domains

There are some advantages of using webSite which not all adult web hosting provider provides. Let us have a glance at the benefits one by one.

🏅 Support every variety of Adult Material

The kinky fact about the adult industries is that they offer every kind of adult thing. Those things can be pornography, sexual toys, photos, fantasy stories, adult jokes, and even dark desiring products.

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Every domain does not support those niches. There are tons of restrictions and policies you need to follow not to break any chain.

A person may face copyright claims, copyright issues, and even copyright infringement in that case.

But as an online business holder, you need to steer clear from any of that stuff, and ViceTemple certainly supports that back.

In simple words, ViceTemple allows you to publish any content you want on your website. There are no restrictions! And with their excellent customer service, things get exciting to another level.

🚀 Can easily handle a large amount of Traffic

An adult website frequently starts to receive a large amount of traffic. Not every website can handle this much traffic with the same quality.

But with ViceTemple, you get to manage all sorts of traffic without compromising the website's bandwidth or speed.

💻 FTP Access

With your VP, ViceTemple provides FTP access. In this, you can easily link to your FTP without the involvement of ViceTemple.

🔎 No Copyright Issues

Material piracy and copyright infringement are the most common issues every website holder faces in the adult industry.

And there is pretty much nothing anyone can do to stop it. So, if you are considering owning an adult website, you do not need to worry about any copyright issues.

With ViceTemple, you are allowed to post pretty much anything or everything you want to.

🎯 Easy Functions

If you think you need to have core knowledge in coding before launching your website, you are highly mistaken.

ViceTemple practices a one-click theme and plugin installation with them. That means you can upgrade or degrade everything on the website in just one click.

💹 Live Monitoring

ViceTemple holds a constant eye on your server. Everything you are performing on your website is accountable to ViceTemple.

This server monitor is available for the users 24 hours a day & 7 days a week. So that it will not be an issue, whether you are offline or online, everything will be safe with ViceTemple.

Database monitoring is one of the most crucial aspects of predicting how well the webserver is performing. With ViceTemple, you can use a tool that monitors all the servers even if they have their server monitoring available on their infrastructure.

💥 Confidentiality

With hosting an adult website, the most crucial thing one focuses on is privacy. If any user is visiting your website, they want to keep their identity hidden.

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If you decide to make ViceTemple your hosting provider, you will not have to worry about data integrity.

The team of the ViceTemple will not be able to access any of your content until you change your password on the panel.

These fantastic features of ViceTemple make our lives so much easier. Who would have thought a few years back from now, hosting an adult website could become so much easier?

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Why choose ViceTemple?

There are a significant amount of things one can perform with ViceTemple. To name a few, we have listed down below all the possible offerings of the ViceTemple tool.

Adult Web Hosting Provider

#1. Web Hosting

First and foremost, as everyone knows, ViceTemple provides adult web hosting to their clients.
You will see a C panel that is very easy to use. That means you get an excellent bandwidth and storage capacity with ViceTemple.

#2. Adult VPS

ViceTemple also offers VPS(Virtual private services) to handle all your unlawful actions on the internet. No matter how uncensored the data is on your website.

#3. Nothing will get Restricted

In simple words, you will get immense traffic, a robust network, and a guaranteed bandwidth of 100 Mbps.

#4. Clone Scripts

A clone script allows you to build identical features and themes for a famous website. With ViceTemple, you get to access clone scrips of the following renowned websites.

  • HubX: Pornhub Clone Script
  • VideoX: Xvideos Clone Script
  • RedX: Redtube Clone Script
  • HamsterX: Xhamster Clone Script

ViceTemple Pricing Plans | Exclusive ViceTemple Discount Coupon

ViceTemple offers 3 packages in their pricing plans. They are Adult Shared Hosting, Adult Virtual Server, and Adult Dedicated Server.

ViceTemple Pricing Plans
ViceTemple Plans
In the following part, we will see about these pricing plans in a little more detail.
Adult Shared Hosting: $5/month
Unlimited Traffic
Free SSL Certificates
1 Dedicated IP
10 Subdomains
10 Add-on domains
cPanel included
One-click CMS installation
Adult Virtual Server: $15/mo
1 GB RAM Memory
Xeon E5-2650 v2 Processor
1 Core CPU Unlimited Traffic
Free SSL Certificates
10 GB SSD (RAID 10)
1 Dedicated IP
Full root access
Adult Dedicated Server: $110/mo
E3-1220V3 (4 core)
2 x 1TB SATA
1 Dedicated IP
Unlimited traffic
Free SSL Certificates
Full root access
IPMI available

ViceTemple Customer Support

When the matter is about hosting your website, then good customer care support is very relevant. With ViceTemple, you get excellent customer care service. Their executives are available 24*7 to assist you via live chat.

ViceTemple Customer Support

We tried the live chat option, and the situation went like this. We connected an executive through live chat, they immediately responded to that text. But after submitting our query, the waiting time exceeded 10 minutes.

So we had to submit a ticket after all. But the response to that ticket was resolved in a few hours. Also, the team was very supportive and concerned with our issues.

They offer an excellent service to their customers and even those who are merely visiting their website.

With ViceTemple, you will get a 45-day money-back guarantee policy as well as a 60-day money-back guarantee according to the plan you choose.

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That means, if you are not satisfied with their services, you get a 100% refund. The only con is that they do not offer a free trial, which is okay because you are getting a refund guarantee.

Pros & Cons

  • Offshore data core.
  • Classification of multiple payment methods.
  • 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • Competing and affordable pricing for all support.
  • Excellent customer service available 24/7.
  • Unlimited business for each hosting plan.
  • One-click CMS investment for all plans.
  • Free SSL certificate with each hosting plan.
  • Automatic reserves backups.
  • One-click upgrading peculiarity
  • One-click purpose installer
  • Money-back guarantee on assigned, VPS, and dedicated server.
  • No free Trial
  • There are better options available in the market at a lower price.
  • Only available for Adult web hosting.

🌟 ViceTemple FAQ

👉 What is ViceTemple?

ViceTemple is an adult web hosting company that supports all kinds of adult content since 2016. They offer various hosting, from shared to dedicated hosting with attractive features.

👉 Does ViceTemple offer domains name?

Yes, You can easily select your desired domain name as they offer a wide range of domain extensions. With ViceTemple, you can easily register your domain name such as .porn, .xxx, .com, etc.

👉 What type of services does ViceTemple offer?

ViceTemple provides different services, including domains, adult web hosting, scripts, website themes, and many more.

👉 Are there any working ViceTemple coupons and discounts?

If you are looking for the exclusive ViceTemple discount coupon to start with this best adult hosting provider, check the above-mentioned ViceTemple coupon codes that help you to enjoy a flat 25% discount.

Conclusion: ViceTemple Review 2022 | Should you buy this adult web hosting?

Well, ViceTemple is not the top best among all and is certainly not the last. The pricing plans of this adult web hosting provider a little high, but that does not make it any less than the others.

With ViceTemple, you get more features than a common adult web hosting platform. You do not have to do anything to protect your website because ViceTemple does that on your behalf.

So, we will highly recommend ViceTemple to all the people who want the best for their adult websites.

With this, it is time to wrap up our take on ViceTemple review. If you have any suggestions or doubts related to the article, please mention them in the comments section below. Until then, take care!

Happy Monetizing🤞🤞

8.9Expert Score
ViceTemple Review

ViceTemple is a great hosting company for adult content. It offers affordable hosting plans that one can start with it quickly. Activate the ViceTemple coupon to enjoy the attractive discount.

Uptime Guarantee
  • The platform is superior for all types of adult content.
  • Offer 45 days money-back guarantee.
  • Excellent customer supports.
  • Affordable pricing plans.
  • Complete data privacy.
  • It does not offer a free trial.
  • It only supports the adult industry.


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