Top 5 Best Legit Ads Spy Tools 2023 (Don’t Miss!)

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Do you want to stay ahead of your competitor's running ads on the internet?

Do you want to 💲💲 earn more than your competitors???

Then, you need to spy on your competitor's ads so you could also run the same advertisements and earn like them.

Choosing an ad spy tool could be daunting. So for your convenience, we have ✅listed the Top 5 Best Ads Spy Tools in this article.

By using these ads spy tools, you can get complete insights into fruitful ads that can help you make money.

Do not waste your time in searching for the best ad spy tools as when you search on Google, and you will find hundreds of them. You could easily get into a trap by choosing the wrong one.

Since you might be choosing it for the first time, you need to know in-depth about how these ad spying tools work and what features along with pricing they offer to their customers.

Most of the tools claim to offer premium features at a cheap cost but fail to deliver quality services on the ground level. You should know if the tools you are choosing for ad spying are legit or not.

In this post, we have covered only the best ones with their features & pricing to elaborate you with their benefits. The top 5 ad spy tools covered in this list are legit and trusted by millions worldwide.

This is why instead of giving you a hundred names, only the best ones have been chosen, so you don’t get confused in choosing the right one.

Ultimate List of Top 5 Ads Spy Tools (Updated 2023)

Ads Spy Tools


Adplexity is all in one solution for mobile, desktop, eCommerce, native, push, and adult advertising. It helps you in tracking your competitor’s most profitable ad campaigns and most profitable eCommerce products and stores.


Adplexity is the only platform that offers 6 amazing tools that help you succeed in the world of digital and affiliate marketing. By using these tools, you can analyze your competitor’s behavior and get insights to perform your ads better.

Adplexity provides error-free and accurate data related to your niche by helping you analyze your competitor’s data and learn from the mistakes that you are making. By analyzing the data and rectifying your mistakes, you have a chance of making maximum profit.

Reasons to choose Adplexity:

  • Adplexity supports 90+ mobile carriers traffic and helps you reveal profitable campaigns running on 10+ push traffic sources. You can get insight into every piece of the campaign, including ad trends, devices targeted, traffic sources used, and publishers.
  • There’s no hidden fee, and you have to pay a flat monthly rate and get insights into unlimited push data.
  • Native advertising is becoming popular among affiliate marketers and bloggers, and so is the competition. Adplexity helps you search for the hidden native campaigns run on your competitor’s website so you could beat them and make more profits.
  • Adplexity has innovative tools that help you find successful campaigns easily and quickly. You can filter your search by keyword, affiliate network, advertiser, or publisher for desired results.
  • Adplexity helps you monitor and analyze mobile traffic sources and get the most profitable campaign insights right in front of you so you could maximize your profit by learning what’s wrong with your campaigns.
  • Adplexity helps you uncover the most profitable campaigns running on mobile popup traffic sources in over 75 countries worldwide.
  • With real-time insights into desktop running campaigns, you have the best opportunity to reveal successful campaigns.
  • You can download the landing page, search by keyword, advertiser, publishers, affiliate network, etc. With a single click, you can find 100’s of affiliate networks promoting enormous affiliate offers.


Are you looking for ultimate FB ads spy tool?

PowerAdSpy Logo

PowerAdSpy is the best choice to spy on ads running on Facebook by your competitors. If you are a media buyer, advertiser, or publisher, you will find PAS the right key to spy on successful ad campaigns.

By knowing which ads are trending the most, you can keep your audiences engaged. You can run quality ads on your fingertips and remain ahead of others who once used to make more money than you.

Reasons to choose PowerAdSpy:

  • Research ads based on a position like the news feed or side location. This helps you analyze where your ads will generate more revenue. Filtering ads by position gives you a good idea to place your ads at the right place for high conversions.
  • You get full visibility of your ads from within the platform. This gives you an insight into audience engagement. 
  • Data is collected from over 15+ countries, so you have a huge database of millions of ads that you can access with few clicks.

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Don’t you want to search for the same ads repeatedly?

Just bookmark your favorite ads & easily view them whenever you want for your next ad campaign.  

With video ads becoming more popular on FB, you can always keep an eye on video ads and download them for your video ad campaigns.

You can keep track of traffic being sent to the top converting landing page. You can identify CTAs that best works for your ad campaign as CTA is the deciding factor to boost your customer count.

Get insights into Shopify ads run by Shopify owners. This helps you analyze ads for your next ad campaigns and boost ROI.


SpyOver has monitored over 15 Ad networks, over 6,426,634 ads, 223,232 landing pages in over 115 countries with a global reach.

You can reach the Spy team day and night, working dedicatedly to improve their spy tool and provide the best features to monitor and analyze native advertising.

You have complete freedom to spy advertisers running successful & money-making ads in the relevant niche.

Marketers have the opportunity to learn new techniques of advertising and analyze them for the best outcome.

Reasons to choose SpyOver:

  • It offers services in over 115 countries and covers over 15 ad networks.
  • To optimize your website for better conversion, it offers landing page customization so you could attract new visitors & convert them into subscribers.
  • There are multiple filter options to find ads in your niche. You can filter ads by country, device type, and networks. Some more interesting filters available only in SpyOver include filter by tracking tool, filter by language. 
  • Download ads feature & download landing page features are unique features available at SpyOver.
  • There’s a provision to convert the ad text into English if displayed in some other language.
  • Real trend and mass download features are only available here, whereas other spying tools fail to provide these features.
  • All plans & pricing are competitive and reasonable compared with other spying tools in the market.


Anstrex offers spying ad services to over 168,864 advertisers in around 92 countries worldwide. It allows you to spy on over 38 ad networks with over 10,401,875 ads and keeps adding every single day.


With this awesome tool, you can unlock the secrets of native advertising to build winning campaigns. You can save countless hours spent on researching the winning ads. 

Save money that most people spend on advertisement, with huge data & landing page maker, you can run ads at a snap.

Reasons to choose Anstrex:

  • Spend less & save more by spying on advertisers running a money-making & trending ads. Don’t be in a hurry to spend on ruthless offers claiming to provide you money-making tips. Spy on the best ads & earn more.
  • Build a stunning landing page from scratch & give it a stunning look to keep your customers engaged to your site. Ensure your landing page has passed the required tests & deploy it on a server in minutes.
  • Use powerful filters to spy on your competitors, running ads globally. Know when & where popular ads are running so you could run the same ads & earn like a pro.
  • Drive more traffic with Alexa and SimilarWeb integrations.
  • Advanced research tools speed up the process of identifying the winning ads by saving huge time. 
  • Set up alerts to get notified when new ads are launched, so you never miss the opportunity to run the best earning ads.


Are you looking for a digital ad intelligence tool to spend your money efficiently and grow your business?


At WhatRunsWhere, you can keep an eye on performance advertising and stay awake with the changes in advertising strategy.

Build profitable campaigns by discovering the winning ad strategies and access an accurate picture of the digital advertising ecosystem.

Mobile advertisers can buy intelligently, discover new traffic sources & be alert with the competitors.

Since 2011, they are running their services in 5 markets. They offer services for desktop & mobile display advertising to their clients overwhelmingly.

Reasons to choose WhatRunsWhere:

  • See which ads are the top-performing in your niche & get yourself to the top of the line.
  • Identify the winning ad campaign and build your winning strategy, unlike others.
  • Expand your global reach by finding out new traffic sources.
  • Access data from 5 online markets & stay updated with your competitor's strategies.
  • Look out for the key metrics for mobile, desktop, and native channels.

🌟 Ads Spy Tools FAQ

✅ What is Ads Spy?

Ad spying is searching for profitable ads of competitors or top runnings Ads on socials' google, native, push, etc…

✅ Should you spy on Facebook Ads

Ads spying plays a major role in affiliate marketing, Without knowing which campaigns or creative is running, one can never profit from media buying. Hence Ad spy tools enable you to search for best running online advertisements with detailed demographics.

✅ What is an ad library?

It is a place that allows you to search for ads that are running on Facebook. With the help of a library, you will quickly get the information about the ads.

✅ How can I get the best ads on Facebook?

If you are looking to find your competitor ads, then open the Facebook Ad Library and then search for your competitor brand name. In order to view their ads click on View in Ad Library.

Conclusion: Top 5 Ads Spy Tools Updated 2023 | Should you go for it?

Don’t go for anything less.

If you have spent a lot on buying ad strategies, then stop fooling around. The best strategy to boost your ad revenue is by spying on others and creating your next ad campaigns with the data generated by spying tools.

The list of Top 5 ad spy tools in this post are legit and can be trusted blindly. Choose the best ad spy tool to grow your business & be a spy pro.😊



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