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Are you looking for Adspy coupon to spy on top Facebook Ads or get best competitive intelligence?

The social media platform is a place where one can find every tiny detail of each business out there. Also, in this world of advertising and marketing, brand awareness has become a crucial part. Each passing day the competition is getting tougher, and the competitors have become more aware of their steps.

Roughly there are over 10million advertisers across popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Isn't it too crowded?

Competitive advertising is a much-needed part of any business, and it's always best to have leverage over our competitors. You must always be curious about your competitor's strategy because this is the only way you can get better when compared. In simpler words, you should always spy on ads run by your competitors.

Through spying the Ads, you can learn what strategy is working the best for your competitor. Then you can choose for yourself wisely. On the other hand, you can also replicate their ideas on your ads to get better audience reach. Different ad spy tool available in the market that helps you to track your competitor's ads campaign. But it is challenging to choose the ad spy tool that allows you to track and help you identify your competitors' money-making ads.

But how is it all possible to find the best Facebook ads spy tool❓❓

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity, and get AdSpy at an unbelievable price, but before that, have a look at its detailed review!

Let's explore the ✅AdSpy Review that includes detailed insights about its pricing, features, etc. Also, do not forget to check our exclusive AdSpy Coupon Code and AdSpy FREE trial.

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Detailed AdSpy Review + Adspy Promo code

AdSpy Review

Adspy is among the best ad spy solutions any business can ever get. The tool specializes in running data-driven Instagram and Facebook ads. This FB ads spy tool has the best features available for the users to be in the cut-throat competition.

AdSpy specializes in locating cloaked ads on Instagram and Facebook for the users to get detailed insights. The tool is popularly known as an affiliate-friendly software having the largest searchable database of ads. There are approximately 150+ million ads available on the software from millions of users across the globe.

Through the tool, users can easily spy its competitors' landing pages, Ad campaigns, competitor ads, etc. Also, one can discover high-ranking keywords or position their Facebook at its best with the tool.

The AdSpy Facebook Spy tool will help you to find detailed answers to essential questions like:

  • What kind of ads your competitors are leveraging for their business?
  • Who is their target audience?
  • What are the important and unique deals your competitors are offering?
  • What kind of content are included in their ads? For example, pictures, links, captions, and word count.

Also, the AdSpy tool helps users with a lot of other things that are important to run a successful and engaging ad.

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Advanced Features of AdSpy

Adspy is #1 Facebook Ad spy tool that enables more data and the largest database of ads. With clear interface that presents data more accurately, Adspy is best suited for marketers drop shippers and affiliates.

#1. Advanced Search Results

Advanced search results

The AdSpy tool offers advanced search for its users to narrow down the results. There are also several search criteria available to discover a perfect ad. Whatever you are searching for, just type it in the search bar, and the results will be displayed on the screen instantly.

If you don't get results according to your search, then you can apply the filters too. The filters include total likes, media type, networks, advertiser, countries, technologies, language, site type, daily likes, total likes, etc.

You can also search for any specific advertisement through Offer ID or an Affiliate ID. For best results, choose an Ad having maximum likes, shares, and screenshots.

With Adspy, you can search by the following criteria:

  • Ad Text

AdSpy has over 95 million ads in its database. You can search for any ad, and you get instant results. Searching by Ad text allows you to explore any chosen keyword. You have to choose your word, and AdSpy will show the whole statistical data related to it.

  • Site Type

This feature comes in handy when searching for an ad for a specific social media platform. When you use this ‘Site Type' filter, these options will come:

After this, select your preferred site type, and you will get the results in seconds.

  • Media Type

This filter helps you to search ads based on their media type. If you want to search for best-performing video ads, you just need to click on the Video option. And this goes the same for the photo media type. You can also select both Video and Photo if you want.

  • Gender

Adspy also allows you to search your ads based on gender. Using this filter, you can search for ads targeting males, females, or both.

  • Ages

No matter what age type you want to target, you can do it easily with the Ages filter. Under this option, you get to the target audience of every age.

  • Daily Likes

With this filter, you can search for the ads having likes between the specified range. To use this filter accurately, you need to fix the definite value. Without taking much time, AdSPy will provide you with the perfect result based on the value you have given in the filter.

  • Total Likes

Just like the above filter, you get to see the number of total likes. This filter shows you how many likes a particular ad can generate that helps you to pick the right one for your business.

  • Networks

AdSpy is an excellent option for affiliate marketing. If you are an affiliate marketer, you can discover the best affiliate markets in the industry. As you drop down next to networks, you will find 100 networks listed there.

With AdSpy, you can search for all the trending offers. No other tool offers the same in this budget.

  • Advertiser

If you are there searching for specific ads by an advertiser, this filter can be beneficial. You will have to provide only the advertiser's name, and AdSpy will give you the desired results.

The beauty of this tool is it can be as powerful as you want. In a word, you can search by any filter you feel is helpful for your ad campaign!

  • Keyword Options

Are you looking to search by keywords to get more accurate data? AdSpy also offers this exclusive feature where one can search by the following term:

  • Comments
  • Ad Text
  • URL
  • Advertiser Name
  • Landing Page URL
  • Landing Page Text
  • Keyword Research

This is one of the best filters provided by AdSpy in order to discover top-performing ads. You just need to enter the aspired keyword you would like to search for and add it to the filter.

Save Search  One can easily click on the “save current search” button to save your search for the future. You can use this search result in the future without wasting any more time. You have to give a proper name before saving that data. At the same time, simply click on the “select search” button if you want to retrieve saved searches.

  • Affiliate

By using this filter, one can quickly search the ads or other offers promoted by other affiliates worldwide. AdSpy offers a very straightforward process that enables its user to discover trending offers promoted by other affiliates. To spy offers promoted by them, one just needs to enter the Offer ID  and Affiliate ID of a particular affiliate.

  • Technologies

In this filter, you will find a huge list of technologies that make your searching simple.

AdSpy offers a wide list of technologies that one can filter such as Active Campaign, Agent Interactive, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Active Conversion, AB Tasty, Adobe CQ Analytics, Alexa Certified Site Metrics, Amazon Webstore, Adobe Scene7, Act-On, Augur, Cart Functionality, Digital River, etc. that cut down your search.

  • Language

If you are running your ads in a region where language is the biggest problem, you can use this filter to create ads respectively.

  • Countries

With AdSpy, one can easily filter the data based on countries. You can choose the country where you want to search and spy for ads and offers. AdSpy offers several countries where you can even select several countries simultaneously to get accurate data.

#2. Precise Demographics

Precise demographics

Demographics play an essential role in any advertisement. One can target the right customer with the help of these data obtained, and it also gets easier to run a successful ad campaign.

AdSpy gives users an accurate prediction of a particular ad. You can filter ads by aiming at ad text, landing page, gender, age, location, device type, etc.

#3. Search Within Comments

Search within comments

For running a successful ad campaign, it's essential to look after what actually your customer is looking for. And this data can be obtained through the comment section.

You can learn the impression of any particular product through the comment section. Moreover, this feature enables us to discover more about the type of feedback any product has received.

#4. The Tool just for Affiliates by Affiliates

Affiliates by Affiliates

If you are an Affiliate marketer, this tool is undoubtedly a boon for you. AdSpy is created by affiliates themselves. Hence it has all the required features you will need.

Through AdSpy, you can search for different offers by Affiliate ID, Network, or Offer ID. You can also keep an eye on your competitors' strategies and dissect their marketing campaigns.

#5. Big Data

Big Data

Do you want to know what products are hot?

AdSpy has the largest pool of data available to you. AdSpy has over 100 million daily visitors who search for millions of products every day – so they're able to give you access to this information before anyone else does!

You can get all the info on trending products in one place with their live feed updates. This means no more checking multiple websites or waiting for emails from suppliers – it's all right here at your fingertips. You will never miss out on another opportunity again because AdSpy keeps track of everything for you.

Sign up today using promo code “AFFTWEAKS” and receive 50% off for the first three months.

#6. Rapid Interface

Rapid Interface

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to search through millions of records, but the process is slow and tedious?

AdSpy understands that it's frustrating when your research slows down because of inefficient data. That's why this feature will make searching through millions of records easy and fast.

You can finally get back to doing what matters most – finding the information you need quickly so that you can make better decisions for your business.

Benefits of Adspy

As we all know, competing in the digital age is tough. Find out about new products that will be coming to the market before they even launch. AdSpy has a searchable database of Facebook and Instagram ads so you can see what your competitors are doing.

More than just Keywords

More than just Keywords

AdSpy offers a wide variety of different search options to find the data you want. You can search by ad text, URL, or page name. It also has an advertiser option that allows you to see how many ads a company is running and what they are advertising on at any given time.

The interface is easy to use, and we found it helpful when looking for specific information about companies. One can even find out who your competitors are and what they're advertising.

Social Media: Covered

Social Media Covered

AdSpy is the first and only ad intelligence tool on the market.  It incorporates top social media data into one place, making it easier to find what you need.

Its so easy to use, and it has a lot of potential for advertising companies or marketers who want more information about the ads they're using. You can save time by not having to go through different platforms and apps for your needs.

Massive Data

Massive Data

Do you want to get more results from your ads?

This tool will make it easier than ever for you and your team to get started on a successful campaign.

What can Adspy do for you?

AdSpy tool has many benefits stored in it. Comprehensive data from social media puts you in control of the fastest-growing ad spy tool network.

AdSpy for Affiliates

Some of the benefits include:

  • You get the ability to search ads based on different domains and niches.
  • Easy filtering of social ads
  • It helps you to make and create efficient marketing and advertising techniques.
  • You can spy on your competitor hassle-free. You can even keep track of all their previous and upcoming marketing tactics.
  • This tool is time-saving. That means you get to save your precious time by not getting involved in any of the processes because nobody here wants to waste their time in mindless research.

You get complete control over your next step. With AdSpy, you are aware of all the steps that need to be taken to make your campaign a hit.

Other than this, AdSpy can also assist you with the following benefits:

  • Discover Compelling new Campaigns
  • Save a Fortune on Testing Campaigns
  • Uncover Thriving New Products
  • Monitor the Competition's Brands
  • Scout For the best Markets Globally
  • Browse Ads By hat's most important.

Detailed AdSpy Pricing + Exclusive AdSpy Coupon Code

Technically there is no free trial period offered by AdSpy, but it surely offers free credits. We found AdSpy pricing to be the best one as compared to its competitors because it doesn't confuse its users at all. There is just a subscription available for $149 per month.

AdSpy Pricing

Each penny spent on the tool is worth it because of the features. You can also cut down the cost and save more by using our AdSpy discount coupon. The features included in the subscription are as follows:

Get Deal
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  • Discovery new and winning products.
  • Exploring compelling and creative campaigns.
  • Monitoring competitors strategy.
  • Browse important and exclusive ads.

AdSpy Customer Support Team

Even though AdSpy doesn't allow Live support for its users, there are several other advantages the team offers to its customer base. The AdSpy customer support team is highly responsive and quick when looked at in terms of turn-around time.

Whatever kind of query you have, just send an email to the contact team, and it's totally free of cost. There is also an alternative contact number, but we found emails to be the best option as the replies are quick.

Yet another benefit of the software is its 24 hours refund policy. Hence, if you are not satisfied with the tool, you can send an email promptly.

How to start your first search on AdSpy?

If you are a beginner and looking forward to starting with the software, here are a few steps for your reference:

Adspy Coupon
  • Visit the Adspy official website and create an account by clicking on “Get started.”
  • Just after you have successfully created your account, log in again by entering your username and password.
  • Copy the URL of any Facebook ad you wish to explore in the search box, and make changes in the filters accordingly.
  • The results of the copied URL will be displayed below the search bar itself.
  • If you wish to save the search results, select the “save current search” option, and start labeling your search.
  • For restoring the saved searches, click on the drop-down menu located just next to the “select search” option.
  • Examine any specific ads by looking at the various ads displayed according to your search criteria. You can even see more relevant ads by merely adjusting the search term.
  • Click on the top right corner of every ad to view the complete ad copy, volume generates, comments, and engagement.
  • One can even find the top affiliate network in the AdSpy dashboard. Click on any affiliate network to see which affiliate offer is promoted by that network on the social media platforms.

Through these steps, get undue advantage in the free trial period itself, and after that, use our exclusive AdSpy coupon code!

AdSpy 🆚 PowerAdspy

PowerAdspy is one of the best Facebook ad spy tools that enables you to discover the best running ads on FB. The PowerAdspy tool gives you all the essential social media ad strategies of your competitors.

You can use these social ads strategies to create your success formulas for your business. On the other hand, AdSpy only allows you to spy on your competitors’ Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. 


But here we still recommend you to go with AdSpy instead of PowerAdspy because it is available at the lowest price. If we compare their pricing plans, the PowerAdSPy costs you $349 per month while AdSpy costs you $149 per month.

If you use our exclusive AdSpy discount coupon code “AFFTWEAKS,” then you can start using AdSpy at $75 per month.

AdSpy 🆚 BigSpy

AdSpy is the largest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram ads. They've got thousands of ads from all over the world so that you can save a fortune on testing campaigns. You'll discover compelling new campaigns that are perfect for your business or product.


With their powerful search filters, it takes just seconds to find exactly what you need – whether that means finding an audience in a specific country or targeting people with certain interests.

On the other hand, BigSpy is the cheapest and most comprehensive ad spy tool available in the market.

BigSpy Review

It provides you with daily updates of new ideas or niches, which many users track. BigSpy is the best solution for all your marketing woes.

As we all know, every marketer wants to find out what their competitors are doing, and BigSpy is the free and cheapest ad spy tool one can use to spy on their competitors. BigSpy will find all the ads people are tracking and save you time.

AdSpy 🆚

Our AdSpy review shows that AdSpy allows you to find and analyze the best performing ads in any category! Search and filter ads by country, category, type, and more.

AdSpy is the most powerful tool for advertisers and marketers to find what they need. Whether you're looking for daily deals or new leads for your business, AdSpy is the right choice.

AdSpy gives you the power to do your market research more efficiently by finding the perfect ad for your business needs. Get access to Facebook and Instagram ads that will work for you. Find the ideal campaign your competitors are running, conduct market research, and identify the next big thing before it happens.

At the same time, Visto is also the leading social intelligence tool for marketers and entrepreneurs who want to track their competitor's marketing campaigns.

Visto's social intelligence tool helps you get the competitive advantage to grow faster than ever before. Just enter a few keywords to find the ads working for your competitors, then download their landing pages and ad copy.

Pros & Cons

  • Round the clock customer support via email or calls
  • Highly affordable
  • Extra views available for an additional amount of $50
  • Extensive database of Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Fast and actionable search results
  • Easy and detailed information on the landing page
  • Easily find winning products.
  • Displays some spammed ads on Facebook
  • At times, search results get timed out
  • Difficult to find previous or old search results

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🌟 AdSpy FAQ

✅What is AdSpy?

It is the leading ad spy tool that helps you to discover winning ads, products, etc. With AdSpy, you can easily filter through a database of thousands of ads that will help you grow your business.

✅Is the AdSpy tool beneficial for affiliate marketing?

AdSpy is the best Facebook ad spy tool popularly used by several affiliate marketers because of its features and pricing. The tool provides insights about different top affiliate offers available in the market. One can search specific Offer IDs, Affiliate IDs, or Affiliate networks to get detailed information on competitors.

✅Why should I go for AdSpy?

Many social media Spy tools are available in the market that displays flawed content, whereas AdSpy doesn't follow such an algorithm. AdSpy has more than 1000 ad databases that are refreshed daily. AdSpy has all the data to give you the insights you need to crush your competition. With AdSpy, you can discover what's working and what isn't – and then use that information to take your marketing strategy to the next level!

✅Does AdSpy offer any free trial period?

Yes! AdSpy offers a free trial period in which the user can explore more about its features. But, this period is restricted to 2000 views only. One can easily create a free account to start AdSpy FREE trial.

✅Is AdSpy costlier than other adspying tools?

Being the best Facebook spy tool, AdSpy offers a lot of features to its user. There aren't different pricing plans by AdSpy, and the user just has to pay $149 for a month to get unlimited access to its features. Also, users can get AdSpy for an unbelievable price by using our AdSpy discount coupon!

✅Is there any working AdSpy coupon code?

If you are looking for a verified AdSpy discount coupon code that helps you save big bucks, then use the “AFFTWEAKS” AdSpy coupon code.

✅How much discount can one get with the AdSpy coupon code?

A user can get a 50% discount on the actual price with our exclusive “AFFTWEAKS” AdSpy coupon code. You can use this code just after utilizing your free trial period!

Conclusion: AdSpy Review 2022| Is AdSpy worth the cost you will pay?

In a nutshell, we find AdSpy to be the best spying tool a business can ever have. AdSpy is a comprehensive Facebook and Instagram ads database that can be searched by keyword, location, date, or company.

It provides advanced search and filter features to help users find what they're looking for quickly and a simple interface that's easy to use.

It's difficult to pick the best among the great native ads Spy tools, but it gets easier when you closely look at the features and outcomes. If you are an affiliate marketer, this too is the best choice for you.

In all, the tool gives the best results when you purchase any specific plans. Even though the pricing is a bit costlier, we have got amazing AdSpy discount coupons! Grab it, and just let your work boost at a higher pace.🙂

9Expert Score
AdSpy Review

AdSpy is the leading ads spy tool that enables you to discover compelling new campaigns and also save your money on testing campaigns. This tool is available with advanced features. Activate our special AdSpy coupon that enables you to use this tool at a lower price.

  • It has the biggest ads database.
  • It offers a user-friendly interface.
  • It has advanced filters and searches options.
  • Offer 24/7 customer service.
  • No Tiktok Ads
  • No Google Or YouTube Ads


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