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Are you looking for a TikTok ads spy tool? Want to be ahead of your dropshipping competitors with an out-of-the-box approach?

Well, TikTok is relatively new when compared to other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, so ultimately the older platforms like Facebook and Instagram have better Ads spy tools that can help you get along with a better overview over your competitors' ad campaigns resulting to make a better marketing strategy, but what about TikTok, we all are aware of the fact that TikTok has recently grown into something massive, (Wasn't expected), but it is what is it.

Its pretty sure that with such a considerable userbase comes even more significant opportunities, DROPSHIPPING OPPORTUNITIES!!

We have a tool called PiPiADS, a Tiktok ads spy tool that can help you get better along with ads campaigns and work alongside the help of the right Ads management. I'll also mention some of the promo codes and coupons that can help you get upto 20% off on PiPiADS.

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Detailed PiPiADS Review

PiPiADS Review

PiPiADS has been a great tool in discovering hot products that have been working a lot in terms of ads management; the tool is an excellent resort for people working over dropshipping or other ecommerce selling and ads management.

Several tools like AdSpy have been doing the same operations but over Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.; but PiPiADS is more specialized in managing your TikTok ads. From my personal experience, PiPiADS can be an excellent tool for you if you are indulged in dropshipping, ads management and keeping an eye over your competitors and their Ad campaign strategies over TikTok.

In simple words, PiPiADS is a competitor Ads spying tool that keeps an eye over TikTok ecommerce, gaming and much more. This can be a great tool for dropshippers working on TikTok, as TikTok is pretty new in this era of social media, so there aren't a lot of products that can help you get an eye over your TikTok dropshipping competitors.

Moreover, if we talk about the products and tools made for Ad management and spying on your competitors' Ads over platforms like Facebook and Google Ads, and even Instagram are numerous. Still, the Ads spying tool for TikTok is something great, which dropshippers were waiting for.

While getting an overview of their website, they claimed to have the largest searchable database of the TikTok Ads (helpful for dropshippers across TikTok).

How can PiPiADS be helpful for dropshippers?

Well, the opportunities are not limited; the tools like PiPiADS can help you in a lot of ways; let's discuss some of the primary operations performed by PiPiADS that you can leverage upon.

  • Finding the hot products for your dropshipping business: PiPiADS' main objective is to make dropshippers discover new hot selling products across TikTok; in addition to TikTok, they also integrate with Etsy and Shopify as well. Sound excellent to me !!
  • Study your competitor drop shippers: We'll be discussing more about the tools and additional product features later in the article, but the possibilities are not limited, it's pretty apparent that if you have access to data of your competitors (ad impressions, country, landing pages, etc.), you can understand what they are up to and later outperforming them on the basis of data and stats available.
  • Access the ad library and be creative with your ads: PiPiADS gives you access to different templates, such as getting a creative template for your ads and material inspirations to develop better ad quality materials with the dynamic trends that might be going on in the market.

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What makes PiPiADS the best TikTok ads spying tool?

PiPiADS Features at a Glance

As a dropshipper, if you have used tools like AdSpy, you might be familiar with how these tools work in analyzing your competitors' ads. Likewise to those tools, PiPiADS enable you to search across different aspects such as categories, basic, data and even time.


PiPiADS Review – Video/Product Search & Analysis

PiPiADS Review Product Search

For example, while searching for an Ad Keyword, you can filter that keyword along with parameters such as:

Categories: Options available are Ecommerce, Games, app, and you can even opt-in for an option with “All.”

Basic: The basic section lets you choose along with various parameters such as:

  • Country ( USA, UK, Singapore, etc.)
  • Action Button: You can choose from E-Commerce search contents such as Shop now, Subscribe, Book now and much more.
  • Device and Ecom Platform: You can even select the devices you want to target while performing your Ad campaigns over TikTok; in addition to the devices, the really cool option is the ecom platform such as Shopify, AliExpress, etc. (in-depth options availability eventually results into target audience with better engagement and conversions, so its great to keep an eye on them)
  • Type: Here, the type refers to the type of ads you are looking for, whether they are Branded Ads and Non-Branded Ads.

Data: You can also get along with data such as Ad impressions, Total likes, popularity and even the duration of the ads.

Well, this data can be very helpful in getting those Ads that are outperforming yours; with the help of getting an in-depth overview, you can keep an eye on Ads that are performing in your niche, area or any other aspect as given. After hitting the search button, you'll be able to take a look at dropshipping ads or other ads working along with the parameters you have searched on.

For example, You came across a TikTok video with a product (more of a drop shipping video), you can have a look over the other ads running for that person/dropshipper. As a result, you can implement better Ad strategies that can outrun them, a complete game-changer tool.


PiPiADS Review – Advertiser Analysis

PiPiADS Review Advertiser Analysis

After taking a look at product and service descriptions, let's have a look at what advertiser analysis is and how this will be helping you get along with outperforming your competitors.

Since now, you are well aware of the products/videos and have an overview of what ad impressions and like a video have over certain filters applied by you, but what about the advertiser who is making those videos and making their dropshipping business skyrocket with Ads around TikTok, well you can have a look at what products are they selling, or we can say the ads they are running across TikTok (more like page transparency in Facebook).

By looking at what and how your competitors (dropshippers) are performing, you can work likewise, while having an overview of what all products and videos your competitor dropshippers are advertising, you can also have an overview of your competitors advertising in terms of Device, Country, Region, E-commerce, Ad Impressions, Duration and even popularity.
Well, I don't need to mention how this data will be helping you in terms of creating and implementing a better ad campaign.


Bonus Features by PiPiADS

Bonus Features by PiPiADS

As an advertiser/dropshipper, you are well aware of the opportunities that the TikTok can offer, but in addition to the product/video analysis, you can have a look at other data such as what's the action button advertiser is using, what's their landing page, their Ad text. If to be specific, you get access to data about a certain video in terms of:

  • Display Name: The name of the account that the advertiser/competitor is using over TikTok (More of a username).
  • Ad Text: Caption or the text description that they are using.
  • Ad Impressions & Duration: Well, this data is of great importance as an advertiser as you can have an overview of how that particular video/product is performing, so that you focus on them as they are either important or fall into your dropshipping strategies or not?

Well, the duration can be helpful in a lot of ways as well; we are well aware that TikTok is a platform that uses short videos with a duration of around 2 minutes or less, but you might be wondered to know that the videos with less duration, more information and speech to text has better options of engagement than those which are lengthy, I guess people are more time conservative after TikTok came around.

Landing pages and action button: This can help you understand which platform they are using for their drop shipping operations as well as understand what type of product/service they are indulged into, such as the action button can show terms like Shop now, order now, subscribe now, etc. so that you can understand which are the products/services your competitors are working on.

PiPiADS Free Trail

If you are looking to get along with this creative marketing and competitor's Ad spy tool, you can definitely go for the PiPiADS Free Trial. Well, you might need to sign up for PiPiADS as they don't give access to people even for getting along the simple features offered by them if not signed up. But the free Plan will enable you to explore the options and features offered by PiPiADS.

PiPiADS Free Trail

Overall, I don't see any downfall in signing up with them.

Is it worth money?

PiPiADS Pricing | PiPiADS Discount Coupon

The pro plan by PiPiADS costs around $2169/year, well you can also opt for the other plans as well, but here I have mentioned the Plan that was my favorite one and, to be honest, the money saver plan. You can go for other plans, but you'll get the point of why I am calling this Plan a saver plan. So, let's take a look at what are the features accessible if you opt for the yearly pro plan:

PiPiADS Pricing
  • Display Ad Listing: You get 3000 ads (enough to do your research)
  • View Advertisers per day: 1000 (10 users/multi user plan)
  • All filters available
  • Advertiser Collection: 5000 creatives
  • Offers 1000 View Ads per day (10 users/ multi-user Plan)
  • Sales support: The pro plan offers excellent sales support as you have access to sales consultants that can help you in a lot of ways.


✔What is PiPiADS?

It is the best TikTok ads spy tool that enables you to find the latest TikTok ads, explore new industry trends, and help you make more money. With its easy-to-use interface, you'll be able to find your desired brands, products, and many more.

✔Can I try PiPiADS for free?

Yes! PiPiADS is the leading TikTok dropshipping solution that allows its new user to create a free account. One can easily sign up for the free trial and discover real TikTok winning products.

✔What type of data does PiPiADS offer?

It provides a high-level view of the performance of the ads and helps advertisers optimize & reduce the cost of their ads. PiPiADS helps advertisers with their competitors' ads strategies, likes, ad time, views etc. PiPiADS provides real-time and historical data on competitors' ad strategies at an affordable price.

✔Why should I go for PiPiADS?

PiPiADS is a premium TikTok ads spying tool that gives you the ability to monitor international short-form video ads and products in real-time. You'll be able to see exactly what products are being advertised and monitor them as they go up in value. Plus, you'll also be able to see when your competitors are advertising the same product.

✔Are there any working PiPiADS coupon codes?

If you are looking for the active PiPiADS discount coupon, then use the above-mentioned coupon code and enjoy the massive savings.

✔How much discount will the user get by using the PiPiADS coupon code?

By using our exclusive PiPiADS discount coupon, the user will save upto 20% off on all its plans.

Should you buy this tool?

Conclusion: PiPiADS Review 2022

From my experience on PiPiADS, its pretty clear that this competitor ad spying tool can help you in a lot of ways that you might have read in the article above, the creative ad templates while keeping an eye over the stats and insights of the Ads over a platform like TikTok, is just fantastic!!

The bonus feature that grabbed my attention was its advertiser analysis; having a complete overview of the stats was great. Just think of it, you know that some competitor is outperforming you on TikTok, and you come across all the data like Ad impressions, the Ad title, action button and even the country they are targeting over; these features can stats can be beneficial in overcoming your competitor dropshipper across TikTok.

In conclusion, I have only got one thing to say the product is worth a shot if you are a dropshipper and want to expand your network and engagement across platforms like TikTok.
So, what are your thoughts on this remarkable tool for keeping an eye on your competitors?

9Expert Score
PiPiADS Review

With PiPiADS, the user will be able to discover creative ads from social media platforms. PiPiADS helps you create the best possible ads for your ads strategy. You can not only create ads, but you also find out what your competitors are doing and what trends are on the rise in your niche industry. Redeem our special PiPiADS coupon code and enjoy a huge discount.

  • It helps you discover thriving products.
  • One can easily monitor competitors' ads.
  • The user can uncover the top niche.
  • It offers a free trial.
  • Pricing options are not affordable to every user.
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Full Access to all Features


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